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How secure are your enclosures?

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions are continuously looking for ways to improve their enclosures security solutions. In response to the demand from the cabinet and enclosure industry where security and protection ranks very highly for an increasing number of businesses and to help protect them against anti-vandalism, Rainford's security offering includes:-

  • Anti-Vandal Cabinets
  • 19" Rack Mount Fire Protection
  • Highly Secure Enclosure Locking Solutions
  • Anti-Graffiti Paint
  • Secure Partitioning Solutions

Anti-Vandal Cabinets

Anti-vandal cabinets from Rainford designed to house and protect your electronic equipment and protect against vandalism.

Key Features:

  • 3 point locking system
  • 8mm locking bars with metal rollers
  • Anti-pry protection strips
  • Secure hinges, tamper resistant construction
  • Sealing mechanism - bubble seal provides extra compression
  • Robust metal construction
  • Please Click Here to read all about how our anti-vandal cabinet security features withstood intruders attack.

19" Rack Mount Fire Protection

Enclosure specialists Rainford Solutions are working with RedetecĀ® the leading 19" Rack Mount Cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing System on the global market, providing localised fire protection to the most valuable assets within data centre rooms, IT and telec­om­mu­nica­tions centres and many more industry applications eliminating the threat to business continuity due to fire.

Key Features:

  • Fully self-contained fire detection & suppression system
  • Additional environmental control capabilities
  • Compact 2U x 19" chassis mounting
  • Local/remote audio/visual condition monitoring & control
  • Monitored alarm/fault circuits
  • Visual alarm & fault status indications / Point-type or air sampling smoke detection
  • Single or coincident alarm
  • Choice of gaseous extinguishant types
  • Selectable gas release delay
  • 24-hour battery back-up
  • Fan/power shutdown control
  • IT/BMS data output
  • EMC tested/CE mark tested

Key Benefits:

  • Close protection for high value assets & critical operations
  • Faster response to in-cabinet fire incidents
  • 24/7 running, no daytime lock-off
  • Requires little to no fire engineering design, installation cost or floor space
  • Reduced extinguishing gas requirement/­maintenance costs
  • Contributes to responsible environmental emissions policy
  • And by distributing protection within cabinets, improves cost effectiveness of fire safety policy
  • Redetec is transportable, it moves with the cabinet
  • Redetec can be extended and networked
  • Communication links to IT networks/BMS
  • SNMP/Web enabled for greater integration/­management control
  • Improved control & security integration with main building systems


  • IT & Telec­om­mu­nica­tions Centres
  • Computer Rooms and EDP Areas
  • Petrochemical and Oil Production
  • Banks and Financial Centres
  • Production and Process Systems
  • Operations and Control Centres and many more...

Highly Secure Enclosure Locking Solutions

To help protect businesses from anti-vandalism, Rainford's enclosure security offering includes highly secure locking systems provided by Camlock Systems.  

The locks are secure, robust and ergonomic with the additional benefit of adding a valuable layer of protection to both the cabinets and enclosures along with the critical infrastructure and information stored inside them.

Camlock Systems is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial locks and locking systems and is renowned for its high quality products and technical expertise, their comprehensive range of products reflects the latest advances in locking system technology which include:-

Robust swing handle

A thin external profile handle that gives you a choice of locking mechanism (see below) and a comprehensive range of cams, rods and other multi-point locking accessories.

  • IP65 weather resistance
  • Left or right hand opening
  • Body, handle and gearbox mechanism are die-cast zinc alloy
  • Choice of chrome plated or black powder coated finish

The reliable lock with key control (Series 28)

  • Unique key combination & key registration available on keyed alike suites
  • Patented Octagon mechanism virtually eliminates unauthorized duplication of keys
  • Over 500,000 different key combinations available
  • Very high build quality
  • Excellent value for money

The reprogrammable lock (Series T48)

  • Eliminates the need to replace the lock when keys are lost or stolen
  • 12 changeable key combinations.
  • Patented Octagon mechanism with 12 radial pins for high security
  • Key registration available for keyed alike suites

The attack-resistant lock (Series T8)

  • Drill-resistant body and centre
  • Doubly secure retention of internal components
  • Lock features the patented Octagon mechanism with 10 radial pins
  • Over five million different key combinations
  • Available keyed alike, keyed to differ or master keyed

Secure Partitioning Solutions

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions design and manufacture partitioning which is an innovative partitioning system that enables you to create your own secure partitioning / room dividers in minutes to suit your individual needs and applications. 

The partitioning system provides an innovative and cost-effective way to control and protect your cabinets and equipment, easily adjustable and easy to install it is the perfect partitioning / room divider solution to suit an extensive range of applications. The mesh panels allows complete air flow circulation whilst providing physical security for equipment and can be adjusted to fit around your existing cabinets and installations, it also provides visibility for CCTV. 

Various configurations of standard sizes and custom options are available including solid panels along with barn style doors for unmanned warehouse applications.  

Key Features:

  • Modular partitioning system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to expand
  • Easy to customise
  • Range of doors and locking systems
  • Cost-effective room partitioning 
  • Bespoke colours for corporate branding


  • Data Centres & Server Rooms
  • Office & Factory
  • Warehouse & Construction
  • Chemical Storage & Laboratories
  • Locker Rooms & Equipment Rooms
  • Weapon & Ammunition Dumps
  • Industrial Store Rooms & Internal Bonded Stores
  • Co-location Sites and many more...

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