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Rainford website goes multilingual

At Rainford Solutions we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and ensure that we always consider social, economic and environmental factors.  

To help manage our business operations in accordance with moral and ethical values of the company we recognise that our social, economic and environmental respon­sibi­lities to our stakeholders are an integral part to our business.  

Our aim is to demonstrate these respon­sibi­lities through our actions, one of these actions has been to make our website multilingual with a new language search feature.  

We believe it is crucial to ensure that our extensive range of products, services and solutions including 19" racks, server cabinets, bus shelters and cable management are accessible to a wider audience as possible, with this is mind our website is now available online in over 90 different languages.

By navigating with the drop-down search menu language bar located at the top of our website pages, you can now read about Rainford in a variety of different languages including French, Spanish and Czech, we see this as an important part to our growth strategy and to expand our global reach into new markets.

Rainford have also recently launched a new mobile app feature that allows guests to browse and look through their range of cabinets, enclosures and videos, helping to promote the Rainford brand and increase customer engagement across an additional social network distribution channel.


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