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Rainford improves sales management and customer care using cloud based CRM

Case Study

Established in 1982, Rainford Solutions is a world-class UK based designer and manufacturer catering for a diverse client base across a wide range of industries. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has provided Rainford Solutions with a deeper insight into customer behaviour leading to more accurate sales forecasting and marketing programmes. They are now able to provide customers with a more personalised service, which has resulted in an increase in customers and orders placed.

“Sales staff have a more personal view of the customer, making it easier to build relationships and provide a better experience.” Julie Houghton, Rainford Solutions, Marketing Manager.

Rainford Solutions design, engineer and manufacture a broad range of equipment enclosures.­  It caters for clients with unique requirements, such as products with anti-vandalism or that require electromagnetic protection from harsh outdoor environments.­  Manufacturing is at its UK facility, supporting customers worldwide.

Lack of sales and customer relationship information

Rainford Solutions were finding it time consuming and more complicated than necessary to capture and use information regarding their customer interactions. This lack of customer data made it a challenge for them to improve client relationships and to provide the best customer experience.  It also caused a problem when identifying the right demand generation and marketing activities as there was very little information to work with.

Rainford Solutions looked to address these challenges by investing in the cloud based Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Their new CRM tools allowed the sales teams to record customer related information whilst on site with the customer making it much more productive for them to capture important details and insights.

Sales data tracking powered by CRM Online

Their initial lack of customer insight also made it difficult for them to forecast financial trends and define the company’s strategic direction.

made detailed reports on sales activity available which gave Rainford a deeper insight into customer behaviour leading to more accurate sales forecasting. Sales resource can now be better planned to focus on the deals that need the most attention and optimising their resources.

The Microsoft partner Zero2Ten supported the deployment, Julie Houghton, Marketing Manager, Rainford Solutions states, “We looked at several Microsoft partners but Zero2Ten demonstrated the right level of manufacturing company experience."

A more productive field based team

Having access to customer information whilst mobile helps to be better prepared and frees up time to see more customers, Houghton highlights, “The Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile application makes it easy for the sales team to access, and keep track of, customer related information from anywhere and at any time.  They spend less time travelling to the office and are far more productive.”

Building better customer experiences

Detailed customer information has empowered the team to improve the services they can provide, Houghton explains, “We have a complete history of conversations, emails and calls.  Sales staff have a more personal view of the customer, making it easier to build relationships, cross sell, up sell and provide a better experience.”

More accurate and relevant marketing

The sales team track information such as leads and the source of those leads to help identify what marketing strategies are the most effective, Houghton states, “Recording how customers know about us enables us to identify ways of improving what we offer and how.  We can figure out what marketing campaigns will provide the most value. For example, a lead from one of our competitors will engage more with a value led approach.”

Clear financial visibility

The management team have complete visibility of sales related data.  Performance is easily profiled enabling them to predict results more accurately to help make important strategic decisions, Houghton says, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables us to make faster, more informed, financial decisions and figure out where we’re heading as a business. We have a clearly visible sales pipeline in a simple format and can forecast accurately.  It’s the biggest benefit of the new system.  We can more easily justify additional sales resource also.”

Rainford Solutions believe the implementation has transformed the business, Houghton states, “The system provides all the ingredients we need, it’s something we’re looking to grow further into. I’m really impressed with the ease-of-use and flexibility, with great support. I would very much recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

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