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Outdoor Cabinet Considerations

“What benefits do your Rainford outdoor cabinets provide?” - is a question that our customers frequently ask us.

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience we have engineered an extensive range of outdoor cabinets which have been specifically designed for unprotected outdoor / street side environments. Rainford outdoor cabinet range includes roadside, trackside, FTTC and FTTH solutions, weatherproof enclosures, IP rated cabinets, bespoke cabinet design and many more.

As roadside, trackside and FTTH cabinets are often left out in the open they are at risk from vandalism and adverse weather conditions, which are all primary concerns for businesses that are looking to invest in high quality and secure outdoor infrastructure. Other environmental factors to consider when selecting an outdoor cabinet, are changes in condensation, dust, paint adhesion, EMC shielding and thermal management, as the outdoor cabinet itself is just as important as the sensitive components contained inside it.

Any downtime occurred can have an enormous effect on any business, particularly in the road and rail industry where time constraints and schedules may be tight.  As outdoor cabinets are at risk from the elements and possible vandalism, it is important that the infrastructure you invest in is up to standard and has been meticulously impact and vibration tested and offers high security protection such as strengthened doors and locks.

Rainford outdoor cabinets are corrosion resistance with vandal resistant features, other key benefits include:-

  • Bespoke Design
  • Up to IP66 protection
  • Vandal resistant features
  • Anti-Graffiti Paint
  • Environmental protection
  • Range of widths, depths (1, 2 & 3 bays)
  • Construction materials include; mild steel (zintec), stainless steel and aluminium
  • 19 inch, ETSI and DIN rail equipment mounting options
  • Intelligent thermal management system
  • EMC (electro­mag­netic shielding and electrical power and signal filtering)
  • Acoustic signature management
  • Range of cable management options

Rainford outdoor cabinets are a perfect solution for your roadside, trackside and FTTH cabinet needs and many other external applications, as they serve a vital purpose in protecting the key components contained inside them. Rainford outdoor cabinets can be engineered to your desired specification, or you can choose from our standard Vanguard® product range of outdoor enclosures.

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