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Nacano Cage Partitioning

Partitioning Solutions

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions design and manufacture Nacano cage partitioning which is an innovative partitioning system that enables you to create your own partitioning / room dividers in minutes to suit your individual needs and applications. 

The Nacano cage partitioning system provides an innovative and cost-effective way to control and protect your cabinets and equipment, easily adjustable and easy to install it is the perfect partitioning / room divider solution to suit an extensive range of applications. The mesh panels allows complete air flow circulation whilst providing physical security for equipment and can be adjusted to fit around your existing cabinets and installations, it also provides visibility for CCTV. 

Various configurations of standard sizes and custom options are available including solid panels along with barn style doors for unmanned warehouse applications.  

Partitioning Key Features:

  • Modular cage partitioning system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to expand
  • Easy to customise
  • Range of doors and locking systems
  • Cost-effective room partitioning 
  • Bespoke colours for corporate branding

Partitioning Applications:

  • Data Centres & Server Rooms
  • Office & Factory
  • Warehouse & Construction
  • Chemical Storage & Laboratories
  • Locker Rooms & Equipment Rooms
  • Weapon & Ammunition Dumps
  • Industrial Store Rooms & Internal Bonded Stores
  • Co-location Sites and many more...

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