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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Get ready for April 21st 2015 when Google's latest algorithm will be unveiled which will target websites which have not been effectively optimised for mobile devices.

This latest change will affect Google in all languages and will impact on search result rankings as Google will be offering quality search results which are device-optimised.  A mobile-friendly site is one that can be easily read and used  on smartphones by scrolling up or down, swiping left/right to search for content and read text.

Rainford Solutions website launched last year by Brickweb is a mobile-friendly site, which has an innovative design and is easy for site visitors to navigate around.  Due to the growing number and demand of internet users alongside Google's announcement, a mobile-friendly website is a business necessity for Rainford Solutions

There are just twelve days left until mobile-friendliness becomes a Google ranking signal, is your website mobile-friendly?

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