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Land & Vehicle Systems

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions offers a wide range of Land and Vehicle Systems including control enclosures for mobile missile launchers and shock mounted communications equipment enclosures for SATCOMS systems.

The majority of electronic equipment, whether it has been specifically designed for defence applications or its commercial off the shelf (COTS), requires some form of protection from the mechanical and electromagnetic hazards experienced when operating in vehicles or field deployable shelters.

The most technically and commercially efficient way to achieve this protection is by mounting the equipment within a suitable enclosure which reduces the threat to an acceptable level to ensure correct and long-term operation.

Rainford Solutions provides an extensive range of innovative enclosures which through a combination of mechanical and electromagnetic protection features,­ provides the protection required.

Mechanical Protection Systems:

  • Shock and vibrationElectronic Equipment Enclosure for Army Vehicle
  • Thermal management
  • Protection against moisture and dust

Electromagnetic Protection Systems:

  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Electronic filters

* If you can not find the size or specification you are looking for please contact us and ask for further details on our exceptional bespoke enclosure design service.

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