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Hot & Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

World-Class electrical enclosure specialists, Rainford Solutions offers a wide range of Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solutions that can accommodate hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment for an extensive range of customers and applications.

Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) and Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) is a highly effective process of airflow management that results in the optimisation of cold air usage, improving the cooled air flow through the aisles, data and server cabinets.


  • Eliminates hot and cold air mixing
  • Eliminates humidity and static issues
  • Significantly improves cooling efficiencies
  • Reduces operational costs and energy usage
  • Wide range of engineered options available


  • Data Centres
  • Office Environments
  • Server and comms rooms
  • Bespoke applications and many more...

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