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EMC Shielded Racks

EMC Shielded Racks Key Features:

  • Used for housing station telecom equipment
  • Construction material: 1.5mm mild steel
  • Electromagnetic protection
  • IP54 rated up to IP66
  • 1 x 230 AV fan assisted cooling / ventilation
  • 2 x 19" mounting verticals
  • Lockable front door with ventilation grilles and filter
  • Anti-vandal features: keyed door lock to activate 3-point locking
  • Roof section with plain gland plate for cable access 
  • Plain gland plate in base for cable access
  • EMC UL94 V0 fire rated gasket to all apertures
  • Finish: LUL approved powder coating
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EMC Shielded Racks Product Overview:

Communication, power, signalling and security are all essential functions that railway systems relies on, so here at Rainford Solutions we’re making sure we keep the UK’s rail network on track by designing and manufacturing high quality rail infrastructure.

Rainford Solutions' EMC shielded racks are specially developed to meet the requirements of the UK rail market, they are designed to house station telecom equipment and to meet the EU electromagnetic compatibility regulations for critical equipment.

Rainford EMC shielded racks are fully welded steel constructions which deliver a combination of mechanical and electromagnetic protection features to meet the demanding conditions experienced in the field from humidity to shock and vibration specifications.

A 230V AC fan provides high pressure air flow for cooling within equipment bay(s) and temperature monitoring along with intelligent fan speed control ensures equipment reliabiity, minimum acoustic noise, reduction of condensation and high performance thermal management.

Our EMC shielded racks are supplied fully assembled ready for immediate deployment.

Enquire Now: Our outdoor enclosures are specially designed to meet the requirements of the UK rail market; Network Rail PADS approval, TCLs, SISS, CIS, CCTV, FTN to provide a more efficient rail network.

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