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Not finding what you need from off the shelf designs or huge catalogues of confusing options?  Take a different approach and discuss your project with Rainford Solutions.

With over 30 years of expertise, our agile design and engineering capabilities enable us to create a solution that will optimise your equipment's performance and reliability, for either indoor or outdoor deployment. 

For major projects and OEM partners:
Start with anything from a blank piece of paper, and collaborate with our highly experienced team to design the optimal solution for your needs.

For medium projects:
Our design reuse 'building block' approach creates a unique variation from existing solutions, tailored around your needs, that is both fast and cost-effective.

For small projects, or where lead time is critical:Vanquish® - Indoor 19 Racks and Cabinets, Data Cabinets
We have 4,000 existing designs we can help you choose from.

Enclosure Solutions

Our approach will pay dividends wherever mean time between failures (MTBF) and uptime SLA's are key aspects of your service delivery promise. Score high on customer satisfaction metrics while controlling lifetime costs.

Rainford Solutions is a partner you can trust to deliver high quality product performance and reliability.

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